Classic Smoked Salmon sliced side


*This product is available Christmas week ONLY

Our Christmas salmon supplier is not your average supermarket supplier. Weights & sizes of salmon fillets are not guaranteed to us. There may be an instance where the full salmon sides come in under the 1kg mark. If this occurs, you may receive 2 full sides or a side & a half to make up the weight. You are guaranteed a minimum weight of 1kg for all full salmon sides.
These salmon fillets originate from Scotland, UK & we are proud to support UK fishing.

Gently smoked over oak shavings for a mild delicate flavour. Cured with brown sugar and sea salt, and a winner of the ‘Great Taste Awards 2020’, this salmon is gently smoked over the oak shavings from retired whiskey casts resulting in a mild, graceful flavour and moist texture.

*Minimum weight 1kg

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